How to Work with those who have differant values than you!

Good Evening,

I didn’t want to wait to long to post this article on the backside of yesterday’s article about a Dream Team.

We are going to continue learning how to Create a Dream Team, but wanted to first discuss what to do in the relationships our last exercise uncovered about who in our lives are not aligned with our same values.  Obviously there are people we care very deeply about who share different value sets than us, and they are so intertwined in our lives, it’s not possible or desirable to lose them, replace them, or even make them wrong.

What is a value? In this discussion, we will define a value as something you believe to be true so much, your decision making and choices come from the specific beliefs you value.

We used the example of communication in our last post, let’s stay with that for this one also as it’s timely for so many of us.

So, you are working with people you feel don’t value communication in the same way you do, or so it seems from your perspective.

Here are some great tips!

1) Is your perception of them is correct?  Do you have all the details you need to truly assess their value set correctly?  Is your perception of the difference due to your own need for validation or control?

2) If in fact, you are correct in your assessment of their value set, begin by communicating your desire for consistent communication and what actions would be appropriate to show your values are being honored.  Everyone has a picture. 

3) Right or wrong, sharing your values with those around you will allow them to better honor your value set.

4) If no changes occur from honest sharing, inquire as to the reason the person is unable to honor what is important to you?  Is the action you are requesting too much for this person to do inside the life they currently have?    

5) This is probably the most important tip.  Don’t ask someone to be sensitive or understanding to your value set if you are not willing to offer that same understanding around theirs as this creates an unhealthy environment. 

I hope this helps!  Next post, back to our Dream Team and how to specifically align with those who inspire you to your GREATNESS!

The Happiness Chick