The Laws of Happy Networking

Lately, I’ve been asked alot about networking and how to make networking a fun and enriching experience. 

Here are The Laws of Networking according to The Happiness Chick!

  • Join groups that support and enrich your target market.  This allows you to be exposed to those who are already serving your potential customers, offering you a great potential referral network.
  • Do not attempt to sell or solicit your products/service to those you network with.   Networking is relationship and referral building experience.  No one wants to be “sold” to.
  • Be genuinely interested in other people’s vision and how you can help them get there. 
  • Be committed to helping the people you network with grow their business.
  • Pay it forward – be willing to give and help other’s before you expect other’s to send referrals or business your way.
  • Consistently show up to events.  People trust consistency and when they see you present for 6 months or more at the same events, they will gain the perception, you can be trusted to honor commitments.
  • Be of your word.  If you are unable to follow through on a commitment, be honest in your communication, do not use excuses.  People respect honesty, even if it’s bad news.
  • Understand what a commitment is = ANYTHING YOU SAY YOU WILL DO.  People won’t tell you, but if you say you will reach out and you don’t, people WILL notice, even if they understand you are busy, over time, this will chip away at their trust and they will not refer business to you.
  • Don’t compete for business or referral partners.   Be authentic in all you do and you will attract, like a magnet, Powerful Referral Partners and New Business.   Don’t forget, there IS MAGIC in the UNIQUENESS you bring to the marketplace. 
  • Align with ONLY those who BELIEVE IN  YOUR VISION.  Do not align with people just because they are well-connected.  This creates a false and unfulfilling relationship, often resulting in lost referrals or future business.
  • Do not sound like a commercial, when giving your 1 minute commercial.  Give the people you are connecting with an education on who to refer to you.  Create your 1 minute commercial around the results your clients have with your service/products.  Example:  I work with people who have had a problem with procrastination in the past and are now living lives of purpose and results.  I work with overachievers who were never happy with anything and are now living peaceful and fulfilled.

I hope this helps!  Would love to hear any other tips for networking that you have learned and how you have created YOUR Referral Partners.