What is a Happiness Team

What is a Happiness Team and why does anyone need one? 

We are talking about understanding and sustaining happiness.  So unless our Vision of Happiness is to live alone in a cave, we need support in some fashion from others.  That’s where Happiness Creation and Sustainment gets tricky.

Here’s what we normally do…and in some arenas, we are actually “taught” to go this route for support:

  1. Invite everyone you know to be apart of your Vision of Happiness. 
  2. Begin inviting current AND enrolling contact list into action roles based on likeability and/or skillset for support of your Vision of Happiness.
  3. Begin working with current support team toward Vision.
  4. Time constraints and project delays come up as the “New” wears off of the Vision.
  5. The friendship suffers, one person feels over-used, the other person feels under supported.
  6. They have words or stop communication all together.
  7. You must find someone else to fill that support role in your Vision of Happiness.
  8. Or you give up on your Vision of Happiness thinking “you’re just not cut out for this”.

Picking the appropriate PEOPLE to support us in our Vision of Happiness is pivotal.  It’s not JUST about who we like, it’s not JUST about who is qualified, it’s about WHO’s Vision is in Alignment with Ours. 

Ok, so let’s take a quick scan of how to know who :

  • What type of people do you enjoy being around?
  • What values are important to you?
  • Is your vision solitary or does it involve other people?
  • What actions need to be taken to make the vision reality?
  • What roles need to be filled to make the vision reality?
  • What skills or expertise are needed to fully support the vision?
  • Is this person’s Vision of Happiness furthered by working with me toward mine?
  • Is this person passionate and committed to my Vision?

Ok, that gets us started.  Here is what can also be uncovered during this quick process:

  • Who in my life is truly passionate about my Vision of Happiness?
  • Are the people in my life that I’ve chosen for support committed and loyal to me?
  • Is my support network filled with people who are here because the simply love us, or are truly passionate about our Vision?
  • Does my Vision contribute to their Vision of Happiness in a big or small way?
  • Do they inspire me when I’m feeling low?
  • Do I inspire them?
  • Do we compliment each other in our communication and work styles?
  • Do we trust each other?

Until next time!

Feel free to post here or email me directly with any questions, comments, thoughts, ect….  kathy@readyforhappiness.com