Start the week off with a good mindset!

Here’s a great quote from the Tut site <Notes from the Universe>, if you don’t subscribe to this, check it out!  They send you little notes each day from the Universe to help you stay focused and on track to achieve your Vision of Happiness.

Of course there are “things”  you want that you don’t yet have!   They’re why you’re here.  -The Universe

What a great way to start the week, with the understanding that all the things we “DON’T HAVE” are NOT here, because our life is not fully prepared for it yet.   What better inspiration to stay focused this week on our OVERALL VISION OF HAPPINESS.

Here are the questions to begin our week in alignment with our vision

  • Am I clear on what my Vision of Happiness is?
  • If I’m not clear on my Vision of Happiness, answer this question to get started – What would MY life need <career/job, relationships, comfort of living> to make me happy and fulfilled?
  • What actions, tasks can I complete this week that I have been procrastinating on that will further MY vision of  happiness?
  • What tasks and ideas am I procrastinating on, simply because I don’t have the expertise to make it happen?
  • Who do I need to reach out to this week to form partnerships or collaboration efforts in order to have the expertise to create my Vision of Happiness?
  • Who do I need to resolve conflict with this week to clear my mind so I can be focused on MY VISION OF HAPPINESS?
  • Who am I dragging along into my Vision of Happiness?  What friends, loved ones, co-workers and associates am I force-feeding my vision to, bullying and manipulating into participating simply because it serves MY vision?

Ok, so here is what to do with the answers to these questions:

  1. Read them outloud for honesty.
  2. Do not create a Vision of Happiness out of “what we don’t want to happen again”.
  3. Share your lists and thoughts with someone who you trust to be honest with you.
  4. Do the actions you feel in your heart are in alignment with your Vision.
  5. Write down the questions that come up while doing the exercise above.

Feel free to email me, if you have questions or get stuck!

Kathy Brandon
The Happiness Chick