Positive Ways to Deal with Negativity



Positive Ways to Deal with Negativity

Jon Gordon

With the mortgage meltdown, floods in the Midwest, $4 a gallon for gas, food prices, the economy, famine, war in Iraq, etc., many would agree that there is a lot of negativity in the world and certainly a lot to complain about. And yet, while traveling the country this past month, ironically for the No Complaining Rule Tour, I met a number of people who inspired me with the positive ways they were dealing with the negativity in their life. In spite of their circumstances they chose to view their situation with a positive perspective… which so often makes all the difference. Since we all could benefit from their example, here are 5 positive ways to deal with negativity.

1. Find the Gift – Richard Bach said every problem has a gift for you in its hands. One woman came up to me and said that because of the cost of gas her family is driving less and as a result they are spending more time at home and having dinner together more often. She said this “negative” situation has been very “positive” for her family. Another person said he is taking the bus to work instead of driving and as a result he has met a lot of interesting people.

2. Look at the Bright Side – One gentlemen joked that because of the cost of gas he now has a great excuse to not drive and see his negative relatives.

3. Zoom Focus – It doesn’t matter what the pundits say on television. It doesn’t matter what Joe and Sally in your office are doing. It doesn’t matter who is playing office politics. All that matters is what you do every day to grow yourself and your business. Focus on being positive and taking positive action every day. Be like the real estate agent who told me that he doesn’t focus on what the news and newspapers say. He focuses on what he can do every day to be successful. He focuses on marketing his business, taking care of his clients, and building loyal relationships. What things do you need to Zoom Focus on?

4. Focus on the Opportunity Not the Challenge – Behind every innovation and solution is a story about someone who said there has to be a better way. I bet Henry Ford was walking behind a horse when he had the idea for his automobile. 🙂 History shows us that a lot of people and a lot of companies make a lot of money during recessions. The key is to find the opportunity. Where is the market heading? What do people want and need? What will they want in the future? Now is a great time to build a positive team with great talent. Now is the time to gain market share while so many give up. Now is a great time to determine who is on your bus and who is off your bus. Now is the time to be indispensable to your company and demonstrate how valuable you are.

5. Be a Positive Influence on Others   Think about the positive influence you can have on people at work, in your community and at home.

Every day simply ask yourself “How can I be a positive influence where I am, right now?”