Hot Pink Mamas Luncheon – What a ball!!

We had a great time at the Hot Pink Mama Luncheon in Mesquite Wednesday.

It is so nice spend time with other business ladies, who juggle families, and all sorts of other commitments.  I’ve only lived in the Mesquite area for about 4 years, so building a great network of ladies is one my “visions of happiness”.

The group of ladies that showed up at the luncheon were a delightful mix of businesses and personalities, each bringing their own special magic to the group.  The food was great, I highly recommend the Jalapeno Tree Restaurant, in the Mesquite, TX. area for anyone who likes good Mexican food.  The conversation was rich and interesting.  I can feel that this is going to be a very inspired Chapter of Hot Pink Mamas.

Over the past few days, I’ve had a chance to chat with almost all of the ladies who attended and I’m even more impressed than before with their visions of how they want their business to contribute to the community. 

The owner of the Dallas, Hot Pink Mamas, Patty Farmer has done such a great job of creating a Network of Ladies who truly care about each other and are committed to being successful TOGETHER! 

Spending time with interesting women, having intelligent and laughter-filled conversation with smart and saavy business ladies!  Now, that’s happiness to me!  If you are looking for a great group of ladies to spend time with and get to know, check out Hot Pink Mamas!!