Attracting what matters most…

Such an interesting title for tonight’s blog. 

 This entire week has been filled with people sharing their frustration around the manifestation of their vision of happiness.

What I’ve heard this week and I wonder if you can relate <I certainly can> is this:

  • I have the job I envisioned, but the financial gain I was promised and I envisioned isn’t there and I believe it should be.
  • I have the vision of happiness I thought I wanted, but I’m still not really happy. 
  • I always get close to my vision and then something or someone comes along and takes it away.
  • My business has dropped, people keep saying they want to buy my product, but they never place an order.

In each of these conversations, the person was extremely frustrated to the point where they were preoccupied both at work and with their loved ones. 

What was uncovered through conversation is, each of these individuals believed because a portion of their vision manifested, they deserved and were entitled to the rest, without delay, or hesitation in the flow. 

What IS tough to see inside this feeling of entitlement is how OUR production and behavior may have changed.  How unfocused WE have become. 

We don’t realize that the “halt” or “stop” in the manifestation of our vision lies in our own ability to sustain the behavior that brings forth the manifestation

Understanding the focus, drive, and alignment that calls forth YOUR Happiness Vision is a large portion of  the “how” to manifesting and sustaining the entire picture. 

The questions to ask when we are stuck and frustrated to get back on track are:

  1. What action, focused thought, follow through, consistency of attitude did I display to make my vision manifest in the first place?
  2. Are my thoughts on manifesting my overall vision or gratification today?
  3. Am I focused on living and fulfilling the portion I have manifested, or am I obsessed with what hasn’t manifested yet?

I’m not saying any of this is easy at first.  Here are some things to make it more fun!!

  • Find other like-minded folks to create with, people you can be really honest with about your thoughts, fears, concerns, and vision.
  • Have a hobby or something that allows you to “lose yourself” in it.  If you don’t have anything that you can think of, beginning trying new activities. 
  • Be authentic and accountable for our creation, good or bad.  There is enormous peace, joy and wisdom that comes with being authentic and accountable.
  • Most of all, avoid spreading synicism masquerading as humor around frustrations.  This only breeds more frustration.  There is humor in our frustrations, but the humor comes from how “bent we allowed ourselves to become”. 

Laughter plus connectedness with others instantly transforms frustration into inspiration.

Feel free to reach out and post thoughts!



Kathy Brandon is the Founder and CEO of the Ready for Happiness Group.  A Transformation provider, offering Coaching, Education and Retreats in affordable and convenient venues to increase global happiness.