Receiving and Trust a tricky dance…

Good Evening,

Tonight let’s discuss more about receiving.  In our last discussion we talked about how difficult to receive, because in order for receiving to be pleasurable to us, we have to trust the intentions of the giver.

Most of us have had an experience where we trusted and we believe that trust was abused or taken advantage of and we are hesitant to trust.

Remember, we took a prior test on how well we receive? Here’s the test for trust!  How many times have we made decisions and taken action to insure the past was not duplicated?  How many decisions have we made based solely on protecting ourselves from a potential breach of trust?   How many opportunities have we not pursued based on the pain and vision of a past abuse of trust?

Are you ready for the Happiness Transformation?  Here we go…really allow these questions to sink in.  I like to call it “percolation”, similiar to brewing a great cup of coffee.  Allow these questions to filter through the cracks of your mind and answer them within your own soul.

What would my life look like if ALL my decisions and actions were solely based on “what is the best solution for what we are creating today?” 

What would be possible if when the “hesitation of the past” comes into our minds, we are “mindful” of the lessons learned, and stay focused on the best solution that align with our values and vision?

Let’s take this global? What kind of world would this be if we ALL made decisions or took risk based on “creation, collaboration and contribution” rather than “not repeating the horrors of the past”?

In our next post, we will discuss how Receiving and Trust go hand in hand with Manifestation of our Dreams!!!