Receiving…sounds easy, doesn’t it?

We’ve begun to talk about happiness, and there is so much more to discuss and work with in that realm….

Tonight, let’s branch off and talk about something VITAL to attaining and sustaining happiness:   RECEIVING…AND TRUST…

Oh my gosh, did I say those two together?  Yes, I certainly did.  Let me share from my own experience for a moment.  Through my life journey, I’ve never had a problem grasping the possibility of having a happy and fulfilled life.  All the great spiritual leaders have taught this is possible and my own heart says it is possible to be happy and fulfilled in my life. 

Allowing myself to receive…allowing myself to trust God and others enough to openly receive…has always been a real trick.

Now most people reading this would say, “Are you nuts?  It’s easy to receive.”.  Let me test that…how many times in your life have people offered you an opportunity or choice that looked too good to be true and you walked away without giving it much thought?  How many times have you believed something someone said about someone else, simply because the person appeared too good to be true and HAD to have some weak area? How many times have you been complimented or given you praise that you just shrugged off, simply because you wanted to make sure you appeared humble and not full of yourself?  How many times have you not reached out to someone simply because you were afraid of how it would look, missing out on what that person could give to your world?  How often do you look at how you can contribute to the world and dismiss the joy others can have in giving to YOU?

This, my friend, is what I’m referring to about THE VITAL-NESS OF RECEIVING.     HOW CAN WE EXPECT TO BE HAPPY IF WE ARE UNCOMFORTABLE WITH RECEIVING?     How can we receive if we don’t trust enough to see what we are truly being offered?

It’s not enough to be willing to contribute to the world, we also have to be willing to receive openly from others.  More on this as we go….

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