About Happiness

Good Morning!  So let’s chat about happiness…. 

What is it, how to have it, how to sustain it, and finally how to contribute happiness to others.

Let’s start with the basics:

What does “happiness” really mean to each of us? 

To some it’s a rich and loving family life, to some it’s a successful and fulfilling career, to some it’s providing financially for their loved ones, and to some it’s a dream one can only hope for after death.

We all seem to be questing toward some “version” or “picture” of happiness we have in our mind…

This “picture of happiness”  makes our decisions for us, gives us the ability to see certain opportunities, and also limits us in our ability to see opportunities outside this “picture”.

What if our “picture” of happiness isn’t really what our heart and soul desires, but simply what we “think” we should be questing for, based on what we have been taught, raised with, and of course, what our society says should be “happiness”? 

What then?  YIKES!  We have a real problem….creating confusion, stress, fatigue and a multitude of other problems in the lives of billions of people.

If  sustaining happiness in our lives was easy, , self help books wouldn’t fly off the shelf.  Self Development Workshops and Conferences wouldn’t be jam packed. 

What I believe is this:  we spend our whole lives adhering to what we think will get us to “happy”.   As we grow older, we realize we don’t really know what it will take to make us happy.   All we DO know is we aren’t happy and feel trapped in a world we created that is not satisfying.   The worste part of this dissatisfaction is WE SIMPLY DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT. 

We try to bury this feeling by staying busy, by being more aggressive, by being nicer, contributing more to our community, but at the end of the day, we still feel “EMPTY AND DISSATISFIED”. 

What is the solution to this global feeling of dissatisfaction and unhappiness?

The answer is in SELF DISCOVERY.  The simple task of learning ourselves.  Understanding WE HAVE ALL OUR ANSWERS.  Understanding there is NO ONE and NOTHING outside embracing our UNIQUE SELVES that will gain us happiness. 

The answer is tTo begin seeing ourselves as one of a kind, the only model made with a unique set of gifts, desires.    As simple as that sounds, it’s tough.     Learning about what makes us happy is a journey into ourselves. 

Not “therapy”, but “true self discovery”, which means we take a loving journey of getting to know who we were created to be.  A recognition and understanding of what “pictures” are real for us vs. what “pictures” we picked up along the way that “should equal happiness”.

Living the life we are in today, but open our minds up to the possibility of rearranging our world to include more “real” happiness.    In order for us to know what “real” happiness is we will need to allow ourselves the opportunities to “try on” and “experiment” with activities, hobbies, and thoughts we have pushed away for years as unrealistic or downright silly.

What would life look like if the thoughts and ideas we have that we believe will bring forth happiness were allowed to flourish. 

What would life look like if we were FREE to think and express our true thoughts and ideas about life and what makes us happy?

Please feel free to post your thoughts!